Asa Land is located in the heart of Orkhon valley cultural landscape along the bank of Orkhon River, in Karakorum, which was the ancient capital city of the Mongol empire. Some 380 km away from present capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. For travelers visiting the UNESCO heritage Site in Orkhon valley it is an excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation. We are continually seeking to be a leader in sustainable tourism practices for the region. Well-known for its family environment and proximity to great restaurants, Orkhon river View makes it easy to enjoy the best of Orkhon valley. The Asa Land set the stage for the development of sustainable tourism in Mongolia by opening its doors in 2005 as Dream Land. In 2019 we created a new concept by adding a new futuristic architectural solution, however, we kept our nomadic spirit. Our camp features 72 wooden chalets, including 2 Suites and 21 modern Gers all with private bathrooms. Our idea is to preserve natural spaces, to promote local culture and to support a fair and equitable economy.

We are involved in supporting the design of a project to assist the Mongolian government in developing eco- friendly tourism in the country’s protected natural reserves and we are designed to be compliant with the principals of sustainable tourism. We take great pride in welcoming you with traditional Mongolian hospitality and providing the highest standard of service. Our staff is dedicated to making every stay at the Asa Land a comfortable, relaxing and memorable experience. Asa Land is oriented to our traditional culture and our staff reflects just that. All of our staff are based locally, and this allows our guests to experience a unique cultural exchange where they can learn and understand the local customs and history of Mongolia.

ASALAND is sure make your visit to Karakorum one to remember.